SiriusCreations' trip to the USA: 02 September 2008.

Novato, CA - Willits, CA

estimated distance: 194 miles (312 kilometers)

After I added the text on yesterday's page I checked out of my hotel and started my trip to Willits. This time I took I went from Novato to Hwy 1 and followed it until Frod Bragg where I took Hwy 20 to Willits.

SST member Socr8s warned me in LA the this Hwy 1 is long and it is everytime the same.
Of course he meant that after every turn you have made on that road you have to stop to make another picture of these great scenic views.

And what is California without those surfing dudes...
(too bad there were no Californian girls where the Bee Gees sings about, maybe because the temparature was only in the low 60s Fahrenheit at that time)

And here some pictures I took after made another turn on the road...

2008 SiriusCreations.